Nathan Joraanstad

Position title: Director of Engineering, Bushel

The brother of CEO Jake Joraanstad, Nathan is Bushel’s first employee, having started in 2011. Programming from his parent’s basement in high school, Nathan started out in Android and later switched to iOS.  In his current role as Director of Engineering at Bushel, Nathan is focused on security efforts across all engineering teams as well as directing the Bushel Wallet engineering team. Throughout his career at Bushel, Nathan has been involved with the growth and development of the engineering team as Bushel has scaled and grown over the past 10+ years.  When not at work, Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife and five children, reading, camping, visiting with friends, serving in various capacities at his church, gardening, and playing the piano. He has a tenacious passion for learning. He can often be found reading books on cybersecurity, technology, theology, history, leadership, management, personal finance, economics, politics, and the classics from his personal library of 1500+ volumes. He graduated in 2015 summa cum laude with a B.S. in Computer Engineering from NDSU. In addition to his engineering work, he and his wife sell apples in the North Dakota/Minnesota area every fall, shipped fresh from his wife’s Michigan family farm. Nathan also owns and manages some rental real estate in Fargo/Moorhead.