Here’s a look at our 2021 Farmer Cooperatives Conference speakers:

Courtney Berner

Position title: Executive Director, UW Center for Cooperatives

Michael Boland

Position title: Professor, University of Minnesota

Jocelyn Bridson

Position title: Director of Environment & Community Impact, Tillamook County Creamery Association

Brian Briggeman

Position title: Professor & Director Arthur Capper Cooperative Center, Kansas State University

Matt Carstens

Position title: President & CEO, Landus Cooperative

Robert E. Cattanach

Position title: Partner, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Chuck Conner

Position title: President and CEO, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

David Cron

Position title: CEO, Skyland Grain LLC

Keri L. Jacobs

Position title: Associate Professor of Ag & Applied Economics, MFA Chair in Agribusiness, GICL Distinguished Fellow, University of Missouri

Serge Jorgensen

Position title: Founding Partner & President, Sylint

Ann Kafer

Position title: Vice President, Human Resources & Strategy Officer

Sheryl Meshke

Position title: Co-President and CEO, Associated Milk Producers Inc.

Pat Moriarty

Position title: General Manager, Lisavarid Co-op

Doug O'Brien

Position title: President & CEO, National Cooperatives Business Association CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA)

Steve Schlangen

Position title: Chairman of the Board, Associated Milk Producers Inc.

Tom Swearingen

Position title: Director of Talent Management, Leadership Training and Development, GROWMARK